Wednesday, March 31, 2010

things i'm lovin' right now

I wish I could wear these clothes all the time!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

First 10k Race

Finished my first 10k race this morning in just under 59 minutes! I am happy with this time, it is right at my target pace for my half coming up and I felt great running.
It was the inaugural Rock the Parkway 1/2, 10k, and 5k and it went really well, despite the rainy and cold weather.
Got lunch at BRGR Kitchen, a new restaurant following the burger craze. Unfortuneately, they did not have a veggie burger so I ordered the mushroom sandwich which was pretty good. The fried zucchini was awesome though! But does it beat Blanc? Not yet.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

found some pictures to show you how cute i am, i know you are jealous... a skirt?

Yes that's right I purchased a running skirt for my upcoming races : )
This isn't the exact one but I found one similar at target for only 16 bucks!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

blame it on the...

fact that i forgot my password to log in!
sorry for the long absence, due to many things but one major reason - completely forgot my password!
Spring break was great. Went home and traveled to Florida to visit my grandparents and an impromptu beach date with my best friend Allie! Ate lots of fish and some yummy treats (once the warm weather starts I crave ice cream 24/7)
Spent some time at home and was able to run with Runner's Edge running group twice. And guess what? I am no longer a double digit virgin! I ran my first 10 mile run and felt great (despite a weird foot pain). Oh, and can't forget to mention my visit to the new Blanc location on the Plaza! Lentil burger, sweet potato fries and a sip of vanilla custard shake = heaven!
I am not back in St Louis enjoying warm weather and continuing my routine of class and work.
Getting close to two races in the following weeks
Rock the Parkway 10K

GoSTL half marathon!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

ima be, ima be, ima ima ima be stressed

Midterms are underway and I am feeling the pain that goes along with them! I have lucked out over the past couple semesters and usually have had okay midterms but this week is crazy!! 4 days until home and then florida!!
Things to look forward to, getting me through this week....
the beach
warm weather
good food