Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sleeping In

Well, despite setting my alarm to 615 am I decided to sleep in and skip out on a early run before class - too cold! (or too wimpy!)
I tried something new today...Tuna Salad! As I raced from the b school to work at the arena, I stopped at Au Bon Pain to pick up my usual sack lunch but when I saw the tuna salad garden salad I had the urge to try it. Not bad! I actually really liked it, and my coworkers were jealous of how good it looked.
After I get off work, I have a french lab, run with Julia and headed over to my cousin's apartment for help on an assignment for my horrid ITM class. While I am out, I might as well get dinner somewhere right? Haha it's possible I might treat myself to something on the way back to campus for a night full of homework!

Things to look forward to this weekend...DG Anchor Splash, yoga, grocery shopping (don't know if I really need anything but always fun to look around)...and midterm studying woohoo


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